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A Marketing Partner & Trusted Adviser.


You have your company goals, and we can help you achieve them. We first understand your objectives, where are you currently? and where do you want to be? — this drives our settlement on services and a plan that is right for you.

Experience a step by step guidance through Do’s and Don’ts within your budget, so you can feel confident in where you’re spending your money.

Together, let's write the next chapter in the story of your success.

Our Mission
Be first! We are dedicated to building a better way for brands—with tireless determination, genuine care, and innovation living at the core of everything we do.
We are a dedicated team of experts across sales, development, and marketing trained in the business industry, supporting businesses like yours.
Tech & Innovation
We have industry-leading technology expertise and an analytics dashboard that can successfully power your technology needs.

Every Firm Has Its Unique Challenges.
Allow Us to Solve Yours.



Our team specializes in your field and works with you to create a plan that works with your firm’s goals and needs—whether you want to dominate the market or work within your set budget. With Synatech Africa, you’ll know exactly where your marketing dollars are going.


Work with a team of designers, programmers and creatives who focus solely on your field. We’re pros at creating websites & systems that are aesthetically beautiful, communicate your unique story and message, and are easy to navigate—all of which adds up to higher conversion rates and more business for your firm.


Always know what’s going on with your website and your leads, in real time. Constant, detailed reporting and hands-on management, by a team focused exclusively on your firm and your practice areas, keep your campaigns performing and evolve with your needs.

Marketing Solutions. That Finally Work.


Depending on your needs, we will determine the most effective way to allocate your budget and reach your goals.

Website & Technical Technology Solutions

Design & Development
Your website is the online face of your practice. A stunning, responsive, and technologically advanced website will display the image you want, perform the functions you need, and convert visitors into clients
Content Development
Content plays an integral role in your overall online presence and the effectiveness of your website and marketing campaign. Our writers convey your unique message and voice while enticing visitors to contact your practice.
Live Chat Services
Nothing compares to talking to a real person about your needs and goals. Live chat services connect your site visitors with someone who can help, leading to higher conversions and a more effective campaign
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
People search for everything online. Use this to your advantage with comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) to maximize organic and local rankings, keeping your firm visible and relevant.
UX Design & Testing
Understand and address your website visitors’ needs, align your business strategy to user preferences early on, and ultimately guide your business to a more effective online experience.
Management Systems
We make your office management process efficient so you can focus on your core practice area. Monitor and manage your team, multiple office processes and track their execution.
Blog & News Releases, eCards, & More
Easily and effectively manage every aspect of your organization system, including blog and news systems, eCards, and so much more.

Account Management

Reporting & Analytics
Minimize the “ups and downs” that can threaten your firm. Real-time reporting and analyses of your traffic, conversions, and even the devices visitors are using provide vital insight to keep your campaign performing.
Strategic Planning
Create and set goals and decide how to allocate resources to carry out your targeted strategy. As your strategic partner, we’ll apply our expertise to address your needs.
Online Reputation Monitoring
What people are saying about your practice can directly impact new business and even return clients. We’ve got your back by monitoring your online reputation to help you stay on top of your game.
Online Listing Monitoring
How your firm appears online can influence your reputation, how easily people can find you, and even the accuracy of the services or messages you display. We monitor online listings to make sure everything is correct

Digital Marketing

Search Advertising (PPC & Maps)
Get in front of clients who need your services through pay-per-click (PPC) and map advertising, with the knowledge that map listings are correct, campaigns are built based on your budget and goals, and everything will evolve with your needs.
Display & Remarketing Advertising
Powerful and easy to adapt, display advertising and remarketing increases brand recognition by getting your ad out where potential clients will see it—again and again. When potential clients think of a service, they'll think of your firm
Video Marketing & Advertising
Your videos show the personal side of your firm and getting them out there helps people understand why they need your counsel. With video advertising, you’ll engage an entirely new field of potential clients.I’ll think of your firm.
Content Marketing
Make your voice heard with content marketing tailored to your field. Engage readers and continually improve your reach through native and social media advertising, which is crucial in digital marketing.
Social Media Marketing & Advertising
Open the door to new business and skyrocket brand awareness with social advertising that engages your community. Target captive audiences to deliver more leads and expand your legal practice.
Email & Directory Advertising
Maximize your digital campaign with email and directory advertising, which allows the delivery of targeted ads to potential clients.

Branding, Research, and UX Services

We bring a variety of capabilities to the table. We’ll collaborate with you to find the ones that will be the most effective for you.

Brand Positioning
Clarify or establish the character and tone of your brand to drive relevance, differentiation, and loyalty. When your brand has a good story to tell, you’re positioned for success.
Market Research
Stay on top of market changes and trends with customized, in-depth market research—and your brand will be right where it needs to be to attract and retain customers.
Brand Messaging
Brand messaging is both what you say and how you say it. Messaging brings your brand to life with a focus on developing a clear and consistent tone of voice that resonates with potential customers.
Visual Identity
Develop and maintain a brand identity that’s appealing, coherent, and effective. With attractive and consistent visual branding, consumers will know they can trust your brand.
Art Direction
Your design and messaging must communicate clearly and memorably. Our art directors help develop the look and visual standards for your brand, from typography and color choice to photography and illustration—to boost its effectiveness.
Whether it’s the headline at the top of the page, the call to action at the bottom, or the copy in between, every element will work together to create a compelling and consistent message for your target audience.
Brand Engagement Strategies
Getting consumers to engage with your brand is crucial for brand recognition, loyalty, and longevity. Combine creativity and strategy to maximize your brand’s impact.
The Synatech Africa Promise


Superior Service
Your total satisfaction and happiness are our top priorities. We treat every opportunity to serve like they’re our only client.
Expertise in Your Field
With Synatech Africa, you will be paired with a group of marketing experts who understand your industry inside and out.
A Step Ahead
From current events in your area to breakthroughs in your field, we stay in-the-know on what's going on to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.
A World-Class Experience
Through a combination of innovation, results, efficiency, and care, you get to experience working with a digital marketing partner in a way you never have before.