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Clearing a Path Forward for Your Medical Practice

An all-inclusive solution to improve patient acquisition & drive practice growth.


An Extension of Your Practice

You need real results to grow your niche medical practice. When you have a marketing partner who knows healthcare, you benefit from targeted expertise that yields better strategies and real results.em coming back for more.

Targeted marketing, stunning web design, and cutting-edge systems and technology aimed to engage patients and drive your medical practice to new heights.

Your website, marketing campaign, messaging, technology, and systems will all be focused precisely on your medical specialty, your services, and your location. At Synatech Africa, you’re assigned a team that’s as focused on your practice as you are, and we continually innovate to address your evolving needs.

In niche medical practices, that patient experience matters. Our job is to drive more patients and promote your brand, and your job is to keep them coming back for more.


We've Seen All Types of Challenges.
Better Yet, We've Solved Them.

I need a marketing partner I can trust. I need transparency into how my marketing is performing. I need people to find my practice online. I need a stronger reputation on social sites.
I need to grow my practice. I want to spend time on my practice, not my marketing. I need a website that reflects my brand and practice. I want to stand out among my competitors.
More Than Just Online Marketing

Your Branding Is Unique.
So Are Your Needs.

As practices merge and hospital acquisitions continue to rise, marketing as an independent medical practitioner becomes increasingly competitive.

It will take a strong visual identity that conveys your unique brand, messaging that resonates with your medical practice: Synatech Africa is the ally you need to push ahead. We’ll give you a responsive, dedicated team of experts who focus exclusively on your specialty to deliver better results based on your immediate needs and long-term goals. potential patients, and the systems and technology to support it all.


We enrich the brand experience through powerful creativity fueled by actionable insights and robust strategy.