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5 Signs you need a website revamp for your practice area.
March 27, 2020

Digital strategy and more particularly website design and development is not a “set & forget” marketing tactic. Technology changes, consumer needs, and preferences evolve, and search engine algorithms are updated each year.   Therefore, if you are not keen on constantly updating your website and digital efforts, your professional practice online visibility would languish. And when visibility drops, so does chances of your targe...

Why Every Hospital & Private Medical Practice Should Be Thinking About Their Digital Marketing Strategy
May 15, 2020

Post-COVID Economy recovery for businesses World: Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about digital marketing? just take a quick look at your reception and/or waiting room. You will see a room full of people: young, middle-aged, and aged personas all doing the same thing—staring at their smartphones. For most Kenyans and by far the larger human population, the Internet has become their go-to source for on-demand information, impromptu...

Expert tips on Maximizing Social Media Exposure & Opportunities During Coronavirus.
May 16, 2020

In times of crisis, we naturally see changes in consumer behavior. Natural adaptation advocates for movement with the rhythm of the time, and during this covid19 pandemic, we are witnessing such a blue economic shift. According to data from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we are seeing a surge of traffic to social channels such as Facebook and Instagram—in some cases with the growth of more than 50%! In light of that information, as busi...

Original vs Copied content: How Using Copied Content Can Harm Your website & digital presence.
June 4, 2020

Keeping your news, insights, or blog column up to date with valuable information for your audience is an effective digital strategy but copying pages and/or content from other websites is not the ideal way to do it. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of brands adding duplicated page content to their site pages. The competition to maintain a stream of visitor & niche customers to your website and waiting rooms is as ferocious as ever, in the world of...