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Month: June 2020

Top 12 Tips to Brand Expansion on Social Media (Ways)
June 10, 2020

With countless hours spend by billions of people on digital & social media daily, all businesses MUST consider advertising on social media. Why Social Media? Factors for consideration while choosing the right platform? • Promoting Brand loyalty • Driving traffic to the brand website • Online reputation improvement and management Given this, how are you supposed to know which social media platform is right for your...

Original vs Copied content: How Using Copied Content Can Harm Your website & digital presence.
June 4, 2020

Keeping your news, insights, or blog column up to date with valuable information for your audience is an effective digital strategy but copying pages and/or content from other websites is not the ideal way to do it. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of brands adding duplicated page content to their site pages. The competition to maintain a stream of visitor & niche customers to your website and waiting rooms is as ferocious as ever, in the world of...